Wanna get rockin again...

Let’s do this! Because you deserve to feel healthy and strong, inside and out once again.

I’m so glad we have found one another. At Lifestyle4Life, you’ll find the tools, encouragement and confidence to overcome your struggles with depression (like I did). You’ll kick self-doubt in the ass while you learn how to regain your confidence and finally say goodbye to those extra few pounds once and for all. Yay!

Healthy, happy, strong and self-confident can be yours.

With a proven, winning combination of fitness, healthy eating coupled with a little friendly coaching; you’ll be rockin’ on your way to feeling your best. I mean, let’s face it, as moms we tend to take the back seat and put ourselves last; but our wellness depends on us making our needs a priority too!

Yeah, I’ve been there! You see, I’ve suffered from depression myself; it was a very dark time. It all started about 10 years ago after the birth of my second child; 2006 was a rough year, let me tell you! And it affected my ENTIRE family life.

Maybe you know what I’m talking about here…My marriage was on the rocks, I had a 12 month old baby and a newborn to care for, and I was overweight, miserable AND to top it all off, I was on anti-depressants. The one thing I knew in the midst of the fog was that I had to take matters into my own hands. I took the FIRST big step and started seeing a therapist…regularly. Back then I was embarrassed as heck, but now, I encourage everyone to go ASAP. I remember in the first few sessions the Doc turns to me and says “you need to start working out”. I remember thinking to myself, is she for real …this is seriously what I am paying for lol? Darn dang it, she was absolutely right and that single comment totally changed my life!

In those days, yes, back when little 9” screens existed; I was watching TV in my kitchen while making dinner and this exercise infomercial came on. Holy sh** I was mesmerized! Kicking and punching to cool funky music … what could be better than that?? Talk about anger management tools. I remember calling my husband telling him about this kick ass workout called Turbo Jam [link to this] and telling him I just had to buy it. He was totally on-board with it and plus, it was Doctors’ orders anyhow right?

This program literally CHANGED my life and led me to the current wellness path that I am on. It took a few months of exercising, changing my eating habits and most off all working on myself, but eventually I was able to stop taking my anti-depressants and … 10 years later, here we are! I’ve never looked back!

So, you see; you are not alone in this. Having children, gaining weight, feeling lost, having no confidence and being depressed is something many moms go thru, but it’s 1 what we do about it that matters the most. You deserve to make time for yourself and fit in your workout no matter what. You have to make it NON-NEGOTIABLE like I did and still do.

At any rate, I want you know that my life’s passion is to helping others with the same struggle turn things around and begin to love life and yourself ( inside and out) through healthy eating and exercise. Getting healthy, strong and confident can be yours!


Professional Bio:

As a Holistic Nutritionist, certified Personal Trainer, Body Transformation Coach and owner of Lifestyle4Life. Voula Cicchelli’s expertise is helping clients utilize food and exercise to battle depression, lose weight and gain their confidence back. She educates her clients, empowers them to take personal ownership of their own health and happiness. Voula is also the author of [link to this] Deliciously Healthy, a recipe e-book as well as the popular [link to this] Clean Eating Kick Start 7 day program. Voula’s passion is infectious and she continues to motivate and help woman all over find their way back to themselves.


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